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1.7m Lotto Winner Says Life's A Beach In Cleethorpes Caravan
20 Oct 2006

Lottery winner Trish Emson likes to keep her feet firmly on the ground.
Some other lucky winners have splashed out on helicopters, sports cars and stately homes.

But former South Yorkshire dinner lady Trish has shunned the high life and just bought her dream holiday home with some of her 1.7million winnings - a caravan in Cleethorpes!

Trish and partner Graham, both aged 36, have remained in their modest three-bedroom home in Wath since the National Lottery jackpot win in October, 2003.

They then won something priceless when Trish gave birth to 9lb 7oz son, Benjamin, nearly one year later. That was something that no money could buy.
The happy couple had been undergoing IVF treatment before they won the Lottery - but they believe their change in fortune on the baby front was all down to losing their money worries.

Now, with everything they could ever want from life, the threesome could swing on to the high life, jetting from continent to continent and mixing with the high rollers.

But down-to-earth Trish knows what she likes best - and that is a little closer to home.

The family have fallen in love with Cleethorpes on the east coast, with traditional fish 'n chip bars, amusement arcades and sometimes bracing weather.

A caravan in Cleethorpes may sound a little too modest for a lottery winner - but this is no ordinary model.

This one has leather sofas, en-suite bathrooms and all mod cons, costing a whopping 47,000.

The happy-go-lucky winner was saving for her first caravan beforehand. When she struck gold she forked out one priced 22,000, then a 32,000 mobile home. Now she has gone de-luxe!

Trish was talking to The Star about life since her win, in a week when Camelot chiefs are awaiting their 2,000th millionaire since the game began 11 year's ago.

She still has a couple of numbers on both Wednesday's and Saturday's games.

"Life hasn't really changed that much," said Trish, who is thinking of starting her own small business, maybe a cafe or the like.

"I've always had my feet on the ground and this hasn't changed me much at all. We have done things with the house like having the attic converted and garage built, but we like where we are.

"This is our home and we are settled and content here. Money can't buy happiness. It's something I think you have or don't have anyway. What's the point of us buying helicopters and daft things like that?

"Our pride and joy is Benjamin, who is a happy healthy child and that's the main thing. He'll be starting pre-school soon, so I'm thinking about starting a business. At the moment I'm a full-time mum.

"We have our feet firmly on the ground and will be bringing him up to respect money.

"He does have an account that he will be able to access when he's older, but he won't be spoiled too much.

"He knows about the lottery now and asks if 'mummy has got some pennies!'
"I know it sounds quite modest having a caravan in Cleethorpes, but I love the place. I used to go beach combing there and have always loved it. This caravan's a bit special though and it's 39ft long!"

The happy couple have dipped into the life on the other side of the golden coin, with cruises around the Med and holidays in Spain and the Canary Islands, but nothing too flash.

And Trish has also ignored the rich taste temptations which go with a rich lifestyle. She has shunned the succulent cuisine enjoyed by the rich and famous to plump for a healthy low-fat diet.

It's a plan that's seen her lose three stones in the last few months, with the help of regular gym work.

And what if she made history by winning the Lottery a second time. What would she do?

"The next time I'd definitely give more away to friends and good causes," she said.

Camelot spokesman Mark Haywood said: "She is really great and has a great outlook on life. I think that's the key to her happiness.

"We have done some research on happiness and Lottery winners and found that they are generally at least as happy with life after the win.
"So it seems that although money can't buy you happiness, it does help!"

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