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Two Scoop Lotto Jackpot
15 Oct 2006

Two winners shared last night's 18.7 million Lotto jackpot, Camelot said.

The numbers drawn were 8, 15, 42, 24, 37, 31 and the bonus number was 45.

Set of balls four and draw machine Topaz were used.

Nineteen tickets matched five numbers plus the bonus ball to scoop 118,218 each.

A total of 1,143 won 1,228 by matching five balls, 50,617 matched four balls to win 61 and 884,152 won 10 each by matching three balls.

Wednesday's estimated jackpot is 2.6 million.

In Lotto HotPicks, there were no winners for the top prize of 130,000 for matching five numbers.

Twenty-six ticket holders gained 7,000 each for matching four numbers.

A total of 1,201 tickets won 450 for matching three numbers, 11,528 won 40 for matching two and 7,164 won 5 for matching one number.

In Dream Number, there were no winners for the top prize of 500,000 for matching seven numbers.

The winning numbers were 9,3,4,4,4,0 and 9.

In Thunderball one winner won the top prize of 250,000 for matching five balls and the Thunderball.

The numbers drawn were 25, 15, 1, 20, 7 and the Thunderball number was 9.

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