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Money Can Buy You Happiness
06 Oct 2006

Well fancy that ... a poll has found that pocketing millions makes lottery winners happy.

Researchers discovered that 97 per cent of winners found life the same or much better. None missed working or found the money caused rows.

And 20 per cent of winners who were single rapidly ended up married.

Dr Richard Tunney, psychology lecturer at The University of Nottingham, concluded: "The old saying money can't buy you happiness may not be true." The team questioned winners and non-winners to form a "life satisfaction scale".

Being able to spend more time with the family was most important to 44 per cent, compared to 26 per cent who said it was the ability to do and buy what they liked. Only 40 per cent of non-winners were happy, compared to 59 per cent of winners. And the huge changes expected following a big win are a myth.

Though many move into bigger homes, most stay in the same area.

Dr Tunney added: "A comfortable home and financial security are clearly key elements to a happy life.

"Most don't snap up penthouses. They stick to their roots, invest in property close to their original home and keep holidays low-key."

The study was commissioned by National Lottery operator Camelot.

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