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Mikey Told Us Lotto Lies
20 Jul 2006

BB7's Mikey was so unpopular at school he pretended he had won the lottery to make fellow pupils like him.

The 23-year-old has been a hit with housemates - even getting together with bitchy Grace. But school friends have revealed he was so much of a loner that his mum had to ring classmates to beg them to be his friends. And when that did not work Mikey started to come up with tall tales to win people over.

Chris Featherstone, who spent seven years with Mikey at St Margaret's School in Aigburth, Liverpool, said: "He told a group of us that he had won the lottery jackpot.

"Pretty soon he had told the entire school that he was a millionaire. He told us they were building a swimming pool in his back garden and invited us round once it was finished.

In the end two lads went down to his house to have a look and asked his parents about the lottery win. They didn't have a clue what they were talking about and said they'd never even won as much as a tenner.

"It was pretty sad really that Mikey had to do that just to try to make friends."

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