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Error Scoops 86,000
14 Jul 2006

Call it blind luck, but a short-sighted woman filled in her Lottery card without her glasses and won a fortune.

Yvonne White, 49, has stuck to the same numbers for years but made a mistake because she couldn't see the ticket clearly without her specs.

But her error earned her 86,110 when she matched five numbers and the bonus ball.

The mother-of-three said, "It was only later I realised I'd filled in the wrong numbers - and lucky for me they came up."

She was shopping in her local Tesco in Haverfordwest when she tried to fill in her Lotto card with the numbers she's used for years.

She squinted as she looked at the Lotto card but realised she'd filled in three of the wrong boxes only when she arrived back home.

"At first I thought I had won 50 so I was stunned when they checked my ticket in the shop and I found out it was more than 80,000," she said.

Mrs White, of Blaenffos, plans to spend some of the cash on a brand new Mini Cooper - once she has passed her test.

The winning Lotto numbers were 9, 14, 21, 23, 39, 44, and the bonus number 19.

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