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Women Are England’s Most Dedicated Fans
02 Jun 2006

With the World Cup merely days away it seems women across England are more affected by World Cup fever than men. A new survey from The National Lottery has found that women would be prepared to pay more for a ticket to see England at the World Cup Finals this summer than men.

The survey asked how much you would be prepared to pay for a football ticket if you banked a big win in this weekend’s £18 million Lotto Superdraw and surprisingly women came out on top. While on average men would pay only £9,250 to see Beckham lead the Three Lions in the greatest tournament on earth, women would stump up nearly three grand more, stretching to a massive £12,138.

A National Lottery spokesperson said: “I’m sure a big priority for any English winner this weekend will be to try and follow the team in Germany and with £18 million in the bank you’d be able to do it in style. You’d assume it would be the boys willing to break the bank for tickets but it seems that it is actually the girls are who keener to cheer on the team.”

It seems that England fans in the North East are by far the most dedicated, willing to put on average over £37,000 down for one ticket. A fan in the North East topped the poll suggesting they would pay more than £1 million pounds if they banked the £18 million Lotto Superdraw jackpot this weekend. The North West came second, willing to pay on average £16,870 – while the patriotic South West came in third place, willing to pay an average of £14,500.
Bottom of the league in terms of what they would pay to see the national team were fans from the South East, who said they would stump up a ‘measly’ £6,093 – people in the Midlands were next to be bottom, offering only £6,738.

North East - £37,108
North West - £16,870
South West - £14,503
East - £13,325
Yorkshire - £11,243
London - £11,030
Midlands - £6,738
South East - £6,093

A National Lottery spokesperson said: “The North East is always believed to be football crazy and it seems that with a Lotto jackpot in the bank they would go mad for the World Cup this summer. It seems that people in the South East don’t fancy going out to Germany to watch the matches, and would rather use their winnings to buy a giant TV and sit in front of it.”

Unsurprisingly people from the UK nations which did not qualify this time around were less keen to get to the World Cup. Nearly everyone in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales wanted to pay as little as possible if they banked a Lotto Superdraw jackpot this weekend. Notable exceptions to the rule included one Scot who would stretch to £50,000 for a ticket – and two Welshmen who claim they would pay a massive £500,000 to follow their English neighbours.

The National Lottery spokesperson added: “This weekend’s Lotto Superdraw is going to be a big ‘un – with a guaranteed £18 million jackpot available to win. We hope to see huge interest from our players – and, as more people playing means more money for the Good Causes, it should be a winning weekend all round.”

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